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The place for parties and outdoor activities in the Corral Gables of Miami is called the Venetial Pool.
One of the largest freshwater pools, which was officially given a number in the Register of Historic Places. The design of this beautiful place in 1924 was borrowed by Denman Fink at Venice, which is why this wonderful pond is called Venetian. After the construction, the Venetial Pool went through two major restorations and now we see it as more refined and unrivaled in its buildings.
In addition to the pool, on the territory of 2ga there are two waterfalls, coral caves, fountains, towers, bridges and an island in the very center of the reservoir. All these local entertainments are formed into one large complex – and it is a pleasure to relax here. The pool is filled with clean artesian water, which has a beneficial effect on the human body and promotes healing. Every year this place is visited by up to 100 thousand tourists and vacationers.
Deciding to visit this entertainment complex, it is important to know that children under 3 years old are not allowed here, and for children under 5 years old you will need to bring documents with you. The main pool is deep enough to 8 feet, so for children there are two shallow pools separately up to 2 feet deep.
After active splashing and lovely walks around the complex, you will be deliciously fed in a cafe on the territory of the Venetial Pool. Local chefs will offer you to taste hot pizza, french fries, cheese sticks and refresh yourself with fresh.
Venetial Pool regularly hosts noisy parties and events. For a fee, the complex can celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary. Your holiday promises to be unforgettable.
Venetial Pool will be a great substitute for an open beach. The water is always clean and cool, and the style of the complex will delight the eyes of not only an ordinary vacationer, but also a true connoisseur of art.

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