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South Pointe Park

One of the most fascinating places in Miami can rightly be considered South Pointe Park. This artificially created park was built from 2007 to 2009.
Here is a unique combination of parkland and ocean pier. The park itself occupies 7 hectares of green dunes with palm trees and low grasses. Paphos and high cost to the natural beauty makes the marina with luxury yachts.
From the promenade, lovers of the underwater world can watch colorful clusters of corals, and gambling fishermen try their luck to catch a fresh ocean fish. It’s worth a lot to just look at the opening beauty of Biscayne Bay and the ships sailing along.
On the outskirts of the park you can sit in a quiet cafe watching the whole panorama of the park. Many tourists visit this attractive part of Miami in the evening, because from the shore you can catch an incredibly fabulous sunset. For a couple in love, a more romantic place is still worth a look.
The nightly South Pointe Park is also vibrant with an active life. At night, large voluminous poles light up along the entire park, but this wonderful decoration has its own separate history. As you know, children of sea turtles often confuse yellow light with starlight and can die from disorientation. To prevent such a nuisance, the developers of light poles took these moments into account and the towers are lit in different colors. It is extremely difficult to describe the impression of the light effect in words, but the charm is breathtaking.
If you are fortunate enough to stroll along South Pointe Park, then there will certainly be something to enthusiastically tell friends!

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