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MiamiTCS – Car rental terms

1) Inquiry

A personalized approach to each customer is very important for our company. Therefore, in order to better understand customer’s needs and provide with specially tailored offer we ask to fill out a vehicle reservation request form. We promptly reply with our offer and provide with several options, based on the information provided in the form.

In the request, the customer should specify the dates of the rent and type of the vehicle he/she is looking for.

If the customer has not decided on a particular model yet, we can provide recommendations based on his/her budget, the purpose of use, the number of passengers and children and their age, and so on.

2) Reservation

To make reservation, we will need a copy driver’s license (for all drivers) and address of residence/stay in Miami. In addition security deposit is required in advance in order to secure the reservation.

The amount of the deposit and its conditions described in the chapter 7.
In case of cancellation of the reservation by the initiative of the client, the deposit is not refunded.

Also filling Card Authorization Form may be required in case of receiving tickets for customer’s agreement after the end of rental term.

3) Security Deposit payment options

There are several ways to pay a deposit for car reservation:
– Cash
– Bank transfer to the company account
– Payment by bank card (the authorization form should be filled in and submitted)
– Payment via PayPal (both from the account and using a bank card)
– Money Transfer Western Union

There is a commission 10% (7% Florida state TAX + 3% Bank Commission) in case if customers pays with card. Commission is not applied for the deposit charge.

4) Car delivery

Since customer’s convenience and high-quality service are our company’s priorities, we provide vehicle delivery service.

We provide free of charge standard delivery and return of the vehicle service on weekdays, during business hours within Sunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbor, Hallandale, and Hollywood.

For delivery or return of a vehicle from other areas or outside of working hours, a fee may apply. It depends on the conditions such as rental term and etc., which is discussed in advance.

We deliver vehicles to the airports and ports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The cost of this service is $50.00 per delivery and pick up. The cost of meeting service in airport is increased in cause of high season and extending the waiting time up to 3-4 hours to the $100. We provide this service as complimentary to our frequent customers and long term rentals.

5) Inspection of the vehicle

All vehicles are inspected together with the customer upon delivery. We encourage the client to take photos of all existing scratches and damages in order to avoid misunderstandings upon return of the vehicle.

A vehicle delivered to the customer is clean and with a full tank of gasoline. The vehicle should be clean with full tank upon return in order to avoid $50.00 cleaning fee and/or $50.00 refueling fee (regardless of the fuel level in the tank).

6) Rent payment

The customer pays the full cost of rent at the time of vehicle delivery. In exceptional cases, with long-term lease, it is possible to provide installments, subject to payment of the first and last month.

Payment can be made by bank card, money order, cash or personal check.
We do not refund the customer for early termination.
The customer should notify in advance of his/her decision to extend the rent term.
Until the client has paid for the additional lease period, the car is considered free for other reservations.

7) Security Deposit

Customers should pay a security refundable deposit upon reservation of the vehicle in order to guarantee the reservation and compensate for possible damages, traffic/parking tickets and violations.

The amount of the deposit is $500 or $1000, based on value of the vehicle.

The deposit will be refunded to the customer after return of the vehicle.

8) Maintenance

Our car pull consists of new vehicles, most of them are less than a year old, and it is frequently updated. We take seriously the technical condition of our fleet. All our vehicles are on the warranty and regularly maintained. We provide with a loaner vehicle to the customer in cases of planned maintenance of rented vehicle.

9) Insurance coverage

Since we are the official licensed car rental company, all our vehicles are insured. The customer is responsibly limited to insurance deductible.
In cases of breach of rental agreement, violation of traffic rules, and committing a crime such as transfer of rented vehicle to an unauthorized driver, or driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, providing false information, and etc., responsibility for the vehicle and to third parties fully lie on the customer.

10) Insurance Deductible

The Insurance Deductible for all vehicles is $1000, it is paid by the customer in case of an accident due to his/her fault.
Scratches and dents that are smaller than the size of the credit card are not considered damage and the customer is not responsible for their repair.

11) Toll roads, Tickets and Violations

Our cars are equipped with the toll automatic payment system SunPass. At the end of the rental period, we provide you with a printout for the toll road usage and withhold the appropriate amount from the security deposit.

The customer responsible for all tickets and violations during the rent term and must be paid by the customer immediately.

12) Additional services

Upon request we provide complimentary car seats for children and GPS navigators.

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