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Lincoln Road crowds are visited by visiting tourists for 4 seasons 365 days over the years.
There is no transport on the street, as it is pedestrianized. See everything around slowly walking and enjoying the views of neo-baroque style architecture.
Lincoln Road will feed a tourist with a wide variety of tastes: you are a vegan – excellent, a gluten-free food eater – you are here, fusion – welcome. In addition, the chefs will lure you with delicious dishes of Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish, American, Brazilian, Argentinean, Japanese, Caribbean, Cuban and many other cuisines. The peculiarity of Lincoln restaurants is that you can touch your stomach in the fresh air under an umbrella or canopy. If you don’t want restaurant culinary – have a snack with delicious fast food sitting on a fountain under a palm tree.
Having experienced the bliss of cooking, we go shopping. Shopping at Lincoln Road in one day may not end. World brands, quality products, souvenirs and stunning chic are in the shopping mall. Don’t miss Antropologie, Fragrance Shop, Victoria’s Secret, Apple store and Swarovski.
You can delight your musical tastes by going to the concert hall. Creative natures will celebrate an unsurpassed play of performances in the theater, and the evening street will amaze you with the colorful lights of boutiques and a variety of street performances.
As souvenirs from Lincoln Road, we advise you to grab aromatic oil, jewelery trinkets, and, of course, a magnet with Miami.

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