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Haulover Beach

Everyone has ever heard of Miami Beach and its beaches. Probably not to find someone who would not have dreamed at least once to see these beauties of the most famous sunny city of Florida with their own eyes.
Miami truly deserves the name of a beach town. After all, its coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, with passing by the warm current of the Golfstim, and Biscayne Bay. The variety of places for swimming is simply breathtaking. But among them there are very interesting venues, which attract not only with bright sunshine, clean water and sand.
In the northern part of Miami Beach is the most piquant Haulover Beach. Here you can freely change your swimsuit to look like a “nude”, because Halouver Beach is officially in the status of a coast for nudists. In pursuit of a perfectly even tan, everyone heads here.
But let it not frighten the most shy ones, since the northern part of Halover is considered to be a beach for nudes and signs will warn you about possible meetings with them. Even if you have come to this beach and are not ready to take off your clothes, you can safely stay in a bathing suit and not catch the judgmental looks on you.
There is always an atmosphere of tranquility, since there are not as many vacationers on the beach as on South Beach. You can easily play beach soccer or volleyball, play a kite with the kids, or simply enjoy the view of white sand and clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
But there are activities for the extremists to their liking – the blue waves beckon the surfers, and if you are a fan of riding the waves of the Atlantic – do not miss this chance. Rescuers carefully monitor your safety from the coast, and police patrol the coast. The recreation area also has a shower, changing rooms and toilets.
Halover is the only beach with a dog training center. And if you have a four-legged friend, then an interesting vacation can be for both of you. A specially designated area is equipped specifically for playing with dogs, and on certain days you can enjoy swimming together on the beach. You will gain new impressions and new experience in communicating with your pet!
After bathing, sunbathing and playing games, you can have a hearty and tasty meal in the picnic area, after tasting a recently caught fish grilled or baked sausages.
To complete a wonderful day, take a walk in the park, which borders the beach and admire this bewitching view.
Holidays on Halover Beach will be remembered for its calm atmosphere so harmoniously combined with the natural beauties of the environment!

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