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Park Bill Baggs Cape in Miami is a quiet and comfortable place in the south of Key Biscayne.
The name of the park was given in honor of the famous fighter for the rights of citizens and the editor of the newspaper The Miami News Bill Bugs.
The park zone smoothly turns into a white sea beach. It is an ideal place for those who enjoy outdoor recreation among green trees and fresh air. In the green of the park you can admire the bright birds and gentle fluttering butterflies.
You can rent a bicycle in the park and ride throughout the territory, because walking around 162ha is very difficult, but there is something to see here.
Those wishing to sunbathe in the sun are waiting for a clean and large beach, which, by the way, is recognized as one of the best in Miami. The length of the white promenade is about 2 km. If desired, you can fish or bask in the Miami rays. The beach is equipped with a shower, dressing room, it is possible to rent umbrellas and chairs. For those who came to the park by car, a parking lot was placed behind the beach.
Water on the beach without big waves (6 miles from the coast there is a coral reef that acts like a breakwater and does not allow large waves to come to the shore). Picnic enthusiasts can fry fish ashore or sample local specialties from the cafe. Here you will be fed to your taste, whether it is fast food or grilled meat. Vegetarians will fry vegetables or seafood.
Spend an unforgettable day surrounded by the natural charms of Miami and relax your body and soul!

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